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Renting a Castle to Organise the Perfect Company Seminar

Seminars | 26 October 2020

Renting a castle to organise a company seminar, what a perfect idea to make your business event unique and unusual! For the same budget as renting a classic seminar room, the castle offers an enchanting and magical setting to your employees for a day.

You have the difficult task of finding the perfect location for your next company seminar. And now, you are running out of ideas. It’s not easy to find the unusual and atypical location that will blow your employees away.

Have you thought about a castle?

A timeless place of calm and allowing your teams to step back and recharge their batteries in a green setting, away from the hustle and bustle of the city and the daily life of the company.

Here are five good reasons to rent a castle for your next company seminar.

The Castle: an Unusual Location for your Company Seminar

A castle is a very atypical place for the organisation of seminars or professional events. It has that little something extra that dazzles your employees: they are probably not used to holding meetings and business meetings in such majestic and glamorous locations.

Imagine a green setting, century-old trees, sumptuous parquet floors, an enchanting setting worthy of the time of Louis XVI… To make an impression, to enhance the value of your teams and to encourage work in a totally different place, renting a castle is surely one of the most original ideas to suggest to your colleagues.

Fully Equipped Rooms… Also in Castles!

For your company seminar you obviously need all the appropriate technological equipment: microphone, flipchart, projector, podiums, lecterns, electrical circuits, dimmable and subdued lighting, quality sound installation, screens integrated in the ceilings.

How do you go about enjoying all this quality equipment in an old castle? No worries! In Belgium, some castles have all the necessary equipment.

In the Château Bayard, for example, a family castle located between Brussels and Namur, everything has been thought out for the organisation of your company seminars. “Every room has a Bose® installation”, explains Benoit de Bergeyck, owner of the premises. “Screens are integrated into the ceilings of the two rooms on the first floor. The icing on the cake? To announce the end of the workshops, a sound is heard throughout the different rooms of the castle.” Even underfloor heating has been installed for the comfort of our guests.

A Green Getaway

The « green » stays are particularly beneficial for companies and their teams. Away from the stress and hustle and bustle of the city, organising a company seminar in a castle located in the heart of nature brings peace, harmony and tranquillity. Working in nature, in a refined country atmosphere allows the employees to be more concentrated and productive. So many reasons to get started as soon as possible.

An Ideal Place to Strengthen Cohesion and Recharge One’s Batteries

The aim of organising a day-long seminar in a château is to unite your teams around a common goal. Incentive days are ideal times to develop collective intelligence and stimulate the team spirit of your employees. There are many ideas for team building activities: organising a big game, scheduling an off-site seminar, launching a treasure hunt… A castle and its surrounding woods lend themselves marvellously well to these types of activities.

Majestic Reception Rooms for a Successful Company Seminar

What could be more exotic than holding a company seminar in the magnificent meeting rooms of a medieval castle? Ballroom, orangery, breathtaking view on the lake… The seminar rooms give your business events, product launches, study days and other conferences a majestic and grandiose setting.

Are You Looking for a Seminar Room in a Castle in Belgium?

Would you like to rent a castle for your next company seminar? The Château Bayard, located in Éghezée, opens its door to you for a day. Whether you welcome 10 or 600 people, the Château Bayard offers you a space adapted to the size of your event.

Good news: we welcome seminars from Walloon, Brussels and Flemish companies, but also companies from other countries (the Netherlands, Luxembourg…). Contact us for more information!

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