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7 Tips to Choose your Venue for Company Seminars in Belgium

Seminars | 26 October 2020

Where to organise your next company seminar in Belgium? To find the ideal location, you should take various parameters into consideration. Do you need some ideas on how to choose the right location for your next company seminar? We have 7 tips to share with you.

Organising a company seminar, an incentive day to motivate your teams or a team-building event is not something that can be done in a hurry. The choice of the seminar venue is a key ingredient in the success of your event.

So, what are the criteria for finding the ideal seminar venue? How do you choose the perfect location? These 7 tips will help you make the right decisions.

1. Determine the Objective of the Company Seminar

In order to succeed in organising your company seminar, start by setting your objectives. Why are you organising this business seminar? What are you trying to achieve?

The objectives of your seminar can be of various natures:

  • To reinforce the team spirit and cohesion
  • To pay tribute
  • To communicate the company’s values
  • To present a new product
  • To tighten the ties between employees
  • Etc.

Are your objectives clarified? Now ask yourself what kind of seminar you wish to organise. A business meeting, a case study, a cocktail party, a product launch or a discussion workshop are not set up in the same way.

2. Define the Atmosphere of the Event

The second question you should be asking yourself when choosing the venue for your company seminar is: what will be the atmosphere of the event? There are seminar rental rooms of all styles!

Going green

For a green and country atmosphere, find a lush and wooded setting. A pretty property with century-old tress, a beautiful lake and lots of greenery.

Unusual seminar

For a more unusual seminar, choose an atypical location: renting a castle, a yurt or a marquee will surprise your employees and give them a real eye-opener.

Modern seminar

For a more modern seminar, rent a room in a luxury hotel or in a lounge area.

3. Set the Number of Participants

How many people will attend your corporate event? Do you need a small cosy room for 10 people? Or on the contrary, a large auditorium for 200 people?

Then, once the number of guests has been identified, determine your target audience. Are they employees, partners or clients? What are their expectations of the event? Above all, your seminar is organised to please them. Take into account the seminar venues that will catch their attention!

4. Think about Technical Needs

When choosing your seminar venue, also think about your technical requirements. The meeting rooms should be equipped with video projector, microphones, LED screens and a quality sound system. Perhaps you need air-conditioned rooms, tables microphones and headsets. Make sure you find a room with suitable audiovisual equipment.

5. Determine your Budget

Fifth tip and not the least: the budget. When you ask for a quote for a seminar rental room, remember to take into account the overall costs: the rental of the place, of course, but also the price of:

  • The catering service
  • The technical equipment
  • The animation
  • The goodies
  • Etc.

6. What about Transport?

What about transport to the meeting venue? It is also important for your employees. Is there a train station nearby? Buses? Check the accessibility of the seminar venue. The seminar venue is ideally located near a motorway close to the main roads. Will your employees be able to park easily in a free car park?

7. Visit the Premises before the Seminar

Finally, before booking the meeting venue, visit the seminar or conference room. This visit will allow you to get a feel for the premises, to see the working environment.

Is the space refined and elegant enough? Is there natural light?

A quick visit will enable you to find the ideal location. The one that will allow you to maximise the creativity of your company’s employees and to spend an unforgettable day.

Do you want to organise a seminar in Belgium?

What if you organised your next seminar in a castle? Located in Belgium, just outside Walloon Brabant, between Brussels and Namur, the Château Bayard welcomes you in its green setting for a seminar in the heart of nature. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information!

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