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10 Good Reasons to Get Married in Winter

Weddings and parties | 26 October 2020

What could be more beautiful than a wedding under snowflakes? Frost, soft light, a timeless atmosphere. Have you decided to take the plunge in winter? A warm, enchanting and cocooning atmosphere, a soft budget, cosy wedding dresses… Here are 10 good reasons to get married in winter.

Winter weddings are THE new trend. An idea to get off the beaten track, spend a dream day and engrave beautiful memories in your heart forever.

Snowy landscapes, a cosy atmosphere, candlelit dinners… Winter is becoming more and more attractive to the bride and groom. And we understand why! Here are 10 good reasons to get married in winter.

1. Getting married in Winter is Trendy!

Winter offers a magical and atypical setting. Getting married in winter has been a real trend, very romantic, for a few years now. During the cold months, we take transparent umbrellas for fun outdoor photos. We open wine and hot cider stalls. We eat pretzels and sip hot cocoa. As if we were in the mountains! The bride can even opt for a nice pair of winter boots. Ideal for a touch of originality and comfort.

2. A Warm Atmosphere

A wedding under snowflakes creates a warm and cocooning atmosphere. A few garlands of light to illuminate hearts. Pretty pastel tones combined with shades of grey, white wood brown and fir green. All of this embellished with silver or gold highlights. Getting married in winter creates an atmosphere that warms the eyes and hearts.

3. A Beautiful Winter Decoration

A winter wedding is the perfect occasion to bring out the plaids and to warm the guests in your reception area. Light a fire in the fireplace. Light 1001 candles. The table decoration is not to be outdone either during the cold months: wooden logs, fir or holly branches in the centre of the tables, pine cones, lanterns… To add a 100% magical atmosphere, accessorise the ceiling of your wedding reception room with beautiful garlands of light in warm colours, mixed with sumptuous drapes.

4. A Winter Version of the Wedding Dress

What a delight to choose a wedding dress for a wedding in low season. Elegant and refined long-sleeved dress. Addition of lace or lined fabric. Winter wedding dress with blouse effect or bi-material…Fashion designers compete with each other in imagination to propose magnificent models for winter.

For your wedding dress, choose warm materials: wool, velvet or silk. They will keep you warmer than the vaporous fabrics of summer.

Of course the wedding dress can be accompanied by a multitude of very nice accessories: white shawl, scarf, immaculate coat, chic cape, booties, cashmere knitwear, white mittens… There are many possibilities when you want to get married in winter.

5. Seasonal Flowers for the Perfect Bridal Bouquet

Between December and March the bridal bouquet will be perfectly soft and original. Compose a pretty country bouquet to complete your look and enhance your dress, even in the coldest weather. Have you decided to get married in winter? Opt for seasonal flowers, preferably white, to keep the theme alive:

  • Gypsophila
  • Clématis
  • Blue thistle
  • Cosmos
  • Cotton flower
  • Anemone
  • Carnation
  • Fat plant
  • Mimosa
  • Winter honeysuckle
  • Mountain wildflower

Remember to accessorise your bouquet and decorate it with ferns, ideal with their long, rustic-looking stems for a winter floral arrangement. Also think about pine cones, velvet fabric, pearls nacre or feathers.

6. Winter Wedding: Service Providers Are Available

In summer the service providers are booked months in advance. The future bride and groom have to organise everything two years ahead of time. In winter, there are less troubles. Plannings are often incomplete and there are still dates available. Where will you set your sights to get married in winter? A wedding in a beautiful family castle? In a bright orangery overlooking a lake? In a chalet or in the middle of a wooded landscape to bring out the beauty of nature in winter? Between December and March the booking calendar of wedding venues
is less busy. You will therefore have a much better chance of finding the caterer and wedding venue of your dream.

7. Relatives Are Available

A winter wedding allows you to gather around you all the people you wish to invite. Your guests are certainly more available and less in demand at this time of the year. No summer holidays, no scheduled holidays nor wedding already planned.

8. A Reduced Budget During the Winter Months

Organising a winter during the high season (from May to September) costs more than in winter. Winter weddings save money thanks to their low prices. Renting a charming castle, catering at lower prices… Getting married in winter allows you to recoup your budget for other little pleasure: accessories to complete the groom and bride’s looks, gourmet food truck (pancakes are very popular in winter). Getting married in winter is an opportunity to indulge all your desires and enjoy a magical wedding.

9. Tasty Dishes

Regarding catering, for your wedding, impress your guests with seasonal dishes. Choose hearty and comforting dishes: meat in sauce, old vegetables. And then, why not opt for a soup at cocktail hour, a raclette or a beef bourguignon for a warm wedding meal?

10. Winter Wedding: a Weather without Surprises

No need to beg all the weather gods for sunshine on the day of your wedding ceremony. It will be cold that’s for sure. Temperatures may even be close to zero. You can expect rain. Or even snow. What could be more romantic than a love party under snowflakes?

To Conclude

Are you going to say yes soon? What if you organised your dream wedding in winter? The ideal season to celebrate your union and reunite your loved ones for a glamorous and romantic wedding. A nice photo shoot in the snow for beautiful photos, a cosy bolero to warm the bride by the fire, a few snowflakes… The winter season offers you a warm and cosy atmosphere for a trendy, enchanting and cosy wedding.

Are you looking to rent a venue for your winter wedding? The Château Bayard opens its doors on the border of Walloon Brabant, halfway between Namur and Brussels. A sumptuous and refined setting for a unique winter wedding.

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