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Frequently asked questions

Here you will find information on frequently asked questions.

What is the capacity of the castle?

From 10 to 800 people. You will find the table with the capacity of each room here.

Is the Château Bayard free of caterer?

The catering service is included in the list of our partners. Your choice is limited to that list. Good news: we work with different catering services. You can therefore choose one of our partners according to your wishes, philosophy and budget. Discover our 9 partner caterers.

Am I free to choose my DJ?

The Château Bayard is equipped with a professional sound system. The material integrated into the castle must be rented during the dancing parties.

If you wish, our partners will recommend you an experimented DJ. They can answer your specific requests for the sound and lightning.

Is there a sound system for the speeches?

A quality installation is present in every room of the castle. Very flexible, it can be directed from any room and it is adjustable room by room.

Is there a time limit?

Yes: the music and bar service must be finished by 4 a.m.

Is the venue available the day before and after the wedding?

You can use the premises from 9 a.m. to 4 a.m.

What’s included in the rental price of the castle?

  • « The use of the castle, the park and the paved car park (180 to 220 cars + possible extension in the meadows)
  • « Access to the Living Room of the Countess of Namur (1st floor) from 9 a.m. to get ready for the event This room is equipped with several sockets, a standing mirror, a height-adjustable rod, tables and chairs.
  • « Charges (water, electricity, heating) and cleaning.
  • « Presence of a representative of the castle.
  • « Access to the pontoon and the two boats during the day, from April to October.
  • « Access to the Wi-Fi and an entirely renovated and efficient electrical installation throughout the castle.

The VAT for the rental of the Castle and Orangery is 0% if the bill is addressed to a private individual. If the bill is addressed to a company the VAT will be 21%

Is it possible to sleep on site?

For one night, live your fairy-tale dream by falling asleep in one of the five authentic bedrooms of the Château Bayard. Four bedrooms can also be made available for you in La ferme du Moulin located 50 m from the castle, as well as six bedrooms in the outbuildings.

In the morning you can also have breakfast or brunch.

For more information on accommodation possibilities, contact us on +32 (0)475 496 555 or visit our page Bedrooms.

Renvoyer vers la page « Bedrooms »

Is it possible to book the Orangery alone?

The Orangery is not autonomous. The cloakroom and toilets are located in the castle.

It is therefore not possible to rent the Orangery alone.

Do you have good addresses for decoration?

For your wedding, do you wish to personalise the venue with an original decoration, worthy of the most beautiful Pinterest or Instagram account? Reception panels, stacked boxes, small candles, wooden logs… We have plenty of « good addresses » to share with you. We have seen these artists at work in the castle and they will listen to you to create a magical, bucolic and fairy-tale atmosphere. Consult our favourite addresses.

Is it possible to hang decorations in the Orangery and the Great Hall?

The Orangery is like a starry sky because on each upright there are small integrated LED spotlights.

We have fixed a large number of rivets on the uprights to enable you to hang the decoration you would like.

The surface area of the Orangery is large and we invite our customers to think about decorating with elements on the tables (high candlesticks or high bases for placing floral arrangements) or hanging from the ceiling.

In the large hall it is possible to hang garlands of flowers on the gallery balustrade.

We also have a large hoop chandelier with a diameter of 2m which can be hung like a chandelier in the middle of the Great Hall and which you can decorate according to your imagination.

Is it possible to have a dance party?

Of course. It has to be in the Great Hall. The music must be turned off at 4 a.m. at the latest.

Are there any churches in the surroundings?

In the surrounding area there are several churches that accept weddings from outside. The nearest is the church of Saint-Rémy de Dhuy. It is connected to the castle by an 800-meter driveway, between woods and fields! We can offer you trailers fitted out to make this country drive.

Are dogs allowed?

On the groundfloor you manage your dog as a good family father. Make yourself at home! Upstairs and in the rooms dogs and other animals are not allowed.

Can we organise fireworks?

Yes, however it must be handled by a professional that we recommend and who was granted the authorization by the municipality. Be careful, he must submit his request well in advance.

Isn’t the pond too dangerous for the children?

From the main courtyard all accesses to the pond are fenced off. This does not exempt you from being vigilant, especially for young children. The bridge and the pond are not fenced off.

Can there be another activity at the same time?

For all private receptions, you will be like « at home »: the only hosts of the castle.

Is an insurance compulsory?

For the Château Bayard you do not need an insurance. Be aware, however, that you remain responsible for any damage you or your guest may cause.

Some organisers contract an « organiser » insurance. Check with your broker what your RC covers.

The castle is insured against fire, with waiver of recourse against tenants. It also has liability insurance.

Do I have to pay a deposit? How much?

If you wish to book a date, we will send a contract in duplicate. You will have to send one of them back after signature. With the contract, a deposit invoice will follow. The deposit represents 40% of the castle rental and, if applicable, the orangery. The chosen date is definitely blocked upon receipt of the signed contract and the deposit.

Is there Wi-Fi?

Of course. All our rooms are equipped with high-speed Wi-Fi access.

Is my date still available?

Do you want to know if your date is still available? Please give us a call on +32 (0)475 496 555.

Is it cold in the castle?

Do you wish to organise your seminar in autumn or in winter and you are worried that your guests might catch a cold? Don’t worry! It’s always warm in the Château Bayard. After studying the calorific capacity of each room, several types of heating systems have been installed to guarantee a comfortable temperature in ALL rooms of the castle for those who are the coldest. In winter, there is the possibility of lighting an open fire in two lounges and braziers in the main courtyard.

Is the castle accessible to people with reduced mobility?

The Château Bayard is accessible to all. We have an access ramp from the main courtyard to the entrance of the castle. There are no stairs to walk up and down the ground floor. There is a toilet for people with reduced mobility.

How many people can be seated for a sit-down meal in the castle?

The number of participants for a seated meal is 450.

Is it free of caterer?

The catering service is provided by one of our partners. Good news: we work with different catering services. You can therefore choose one of our 11 partners according to your wishes and budget. Discover our partner caterers.

How many cars can be parked in the car park?

The Château Bayard has a private, illuminated and free car park with 220 spaces.

What languages are spoken by the Château Bayard’s family team?

At the Château Bayard you will have the opportunity to express yourself in French, Dutch, English or German.

De quel matériel audio le Château dispose-t-il ?

Téléchargez ici la liste du matériel présent au Château